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A message on St. Patrick's Day

I had planned to share with you a few insights from Bishop Colli's homily on Sunday where he gave us examples of lessons we can learn from St. Patrick and St. Joseph. However, this morning I was cc'd in an email from Colleen Martin in response to our provincial president's wishes for St. Patrick's Day. I have her permission to share that with you....well worth the read! "Thank you for your wishes Colleen .. I also share a Happy St. Patrick’s Day with all of you .. May the road rise up to meet you and the wind be at your back as you battle this pandemic journey. For me, I see this pandemic as God trying to bring the world back to what is important, relationships .. with God and with each other.  Take this time to reach out to someone you may not have spoken to recently but meant to .. connect the grandkids with their grandparents, nieces and nephews with their aunts and uncles, and you with others using technology.

I just watched Dynamic Catholic’s best lent ever and Matthew Kelly speaks of putting our whole heart into something God puts in front of us  .. the world needs to put its whole heart back into relationship with God and each other. One of our past-presidents gave us all a little hummingbird charm with a little card that says you are lucky if you see a hummingbird as it is known as a healer… despite its small size it flies great distances and even flies backwards too.  It is a reminder to have faith and enjoy all that you do. Have faith and put your whole heart into relationships during this pandemic and we will all see … God is good all the time!!  All the time God is good! Blessings, Colleen"

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