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Blessings for this Holy Season

Today is the 4th Sunday of Advent! How did we get here so quickly? It seems like yesterday that I was purchasing my first face mask, which led to numerous others all in the hopes of finding the perfect one. Alas that did not happen because no matter how you fix it, wear it, and etc your glasses still fog up!.....Today I made my final grocery list to get last minute grocery supplies to make some family favourites. That's tomorrow's task.

I am so blessed to be going to have dinner with my family. Respecting all protocols we will be one household plus one. The rest of the family in Thunder Bay will gather as a unit of one household plus one for this year. In these extra-ordinary times I feel blessed that I am Covid free and not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive so able to join my family. I am blessed to know that I am thought of by so many as emails, texts and phone calls continue daily. In return for all my blessings I plan to reach out to my council members this week to wish each and everyone a happy Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Beloved Saviour, the Christ Child. In these "tough" days make it your mission to reach out to someone and remember to smile with your eyes. Blessings to you all.

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