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Do you love being Catholic?

Yesterday was a day filled with enlightenment, giving way to pondering. It began with Bishop Colli's homily on the two saints we will celebrate this week. I will chat about them on March 17. Today I want to share a bit about the retreat he facilitated for the Knights of Columbus in the afternoon. An invitation was extended to all CWL members so there were a few of us in attendance. During the first half of the retreat we viewed a YouTube video featuring Keith Nester a recent convert to Catholicism. His talk answered the question, "Why do I love being a Catholic?" Bishop Colli challenged us to ponder that very question. Times are tough. Its not easy being Catholic, so why do you love being a Catholic? Think about it! My immediate thoughts are two fold. I love Jesus and want to be like him. The church gives me direction and foundation. Secondly, I love the sense of belonging to my special community. (You can view any number of videos featuring Keith Nester on YouTube....worth the watch)

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