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Embracing Technology Has a New Meaning

In these extraordinary days many of us have journeyed to the world of Live Streaming. It is so amazing to be able to be a part of prayer gatherings, masses, retreats and so much more all from the comfort of our homes. I often reflect back to one of the speakers at one of the conventions I attended (not good with names or dates) who stated that we have to figure our ways to enrich people's spiritual lives from where they are....not just the building we call church. Hasn't Covid 19 done just that for us? When I live streamed the NES last week I noticed that over 1000 people were tuned in via YouTube. I wondered how many did the same via FaceBook. I ma so grateful that parishes in our diocese are embracing technology. I look forward to taking part in Sunday mass and during May I can participate in the Rosary and an hour adoration. The Lord works in mysterious might just be his means to bring us back to Him. Keep streaming!

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