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Happy Mother's Day

Today is one day that we can sit here feeling sorry for ourselves or take time to embrace the day. So perhaps, the weather has not been the greatest (I saw snowflakes this afternoon) and maybe we aren't gathering as a family to share a meal (at least I'm not cooking for a group). What good have I experienced this day? grandchildren called to chat, my son made a short visit, my nephew and family dropped by for a driveway chat and the young lad who had faithfully cleaned my snow over the winter, but seemed to be IMA since February stopped by to see if I'd like my rain gutters cleaned and yard raked. Added to this I attended mass twice; once in TB and once in Terrace Bay, both from the comforts of home. I've received emails and texts and oh so many phone calls. I simply do not have time to feel sorry for myself. I hope your day was as good as mine. In his homily today Father Terry talked about the saying that God doesn't give us anything that we can't handle. I am blessed to have the love and grace of God leading me through each and every day so really things are not that tough if we let go and let God.

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