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Just what the doctor ordered

Its Holy Week and if you're anything like me, you are feeling hollow. For me this is the greatest week in the life of the Church and here I am at home not being able to participate at any Holy Week celebrations with my parish family. I could be sitting here feeling sorry for myself but what good does that do?.... Today I received the novena for the Divine Mercy Chaplet... just what the doctor ordered! I will pray it daily beginning on Friday which will lead me to Divine Mercy Sunday. While praying it I will be thinking of the many people who are a part of my life for so many different reasons. One such group is my CWL family. How blessed I have been these weeks to have so many of you touch base via text, email and phone. Thanks to you I have reached my goal to laugh at least once, pray with joy and complete one task that I have put off for far too long. So beginning on Good Friday at 3:00 pm as I pray my Chaplet, you will be in my heart. Thanks for being here for me and for each other.

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