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Marching into May

Doesn't it seem like it was just the end of March when the world became a totally new experience? Had you told me then that I would survive all this time social distancing I'd think you were out to lunch. The first week of April was the last time I sat with family for dinner, attended a weekend mass and freely shopped at a grocery store not having to be mindful of lines and arrows. The one thing that I have tried to do that keeps me on the up side of things is to take a moment each day to be thankful for something in my day. I haven't gotten to writing a gratitude journal but that might just happen....there is always hope for me! In the mean time I am thankful that the weather is warming so windows are open to welcome the fresh air. I am thankful that I can participate at mass daily via modern technology and feel fully engaged on Sunday while live streaming with Father Jerin. (I even take time to view Bishop Colli's YouTube video of the Sunday liturgy). I am thankful that family and friends reach out to me everyday so I have a people to communicate with. My greatest appreciation is the fact that I still like myself even when I'm my own worst company. Prayer is becoming all that more important and meaningful. On the feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel my parish council celebrated its 32rd anniversary. Reflecting back over the years how could oe not be grateful for all our blessings.

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