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Oh, those yearly chores!

Last week I finally got myself into the annual chore of cleaning the windows. My excuse for it not being done sooner was the fact that my outside hose was not hooked up and why do the windows on the inside if you aren't finishing them by doing the outside. You see I have a leaky connection to the outside waterline at the source so my basement gets wet if I turn the outside hose on. I know, poor excuse!....well this week the Spirit took control and I was on the move....little did I know the joy that I would get out of window washing. In the kitchen as I removed the items from the window ledge I was reminded of my mother as I cleaned the small jam house that she used as we grew up and my son's love as I watered the plant he bought me one Mother's Day. As I moved to the dining room window I was reminded of the many wonderful people I have met over the years by the sun catcher's and other ornaments hanging in the window. Each one tells a story of a convention I attended, a workshop I presented or the many wonderful people in my life who know I love angels and hummingbirds. I was finally reminded that I have a lot of good memories when I did the bedroom window and realized my sun catcher collection has grown to where I now need two windows to display them. One sun catcher that I hold very dear is the one from the OPC executive gifted to me when I completed my presidency....a lovely stained glass of Mary with Jesus in her arms. Each time I look at it, I say a Hail Mary for my CWL family, all whom I cherish. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thanks for making a chore such a joy-filled work of love.

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