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Peace Prayer

I’ve just participated in our parish retreat facilitated by Evelyn Marcon. Over the three nights we focused on the legacy of St. Francis as unfolded by Pope Francis. What came through to me was how much the entire retreat relates to our national theme Care for Our Common Home and how amazingly this enraptures the work of Development and Peace and its focus on the Amazon. So much food for thought. One activity that Evelyn suggested was to reflect on St. Francis Peace Prayer. With that in mind I pondered …for it is in giving that we receive…how true ! My giving in all honesty is based a lot on the joy that I receive in doing and giving. I’ve come to acknowledge that I get when I give as much as others get in my giving and perhaps more. In this time of reflection and pondering, I invite you and your councils to reflect on St. Francis Prayer. Make that a focus at a meeting. One other activity we did was to reflect on the Beatitudes. Another great idea which lead me to think about the program National CWL prepared a long time ago focusing on the beatitudes. Its still on their website…check it out.

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