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Rainy Day Thoughts

Waking up to a wet, rainy day has put a damper on the few things I had hoped to do today, but has led me to other things....more rewarding....I am spending time catching up with people via email today. I was able to reply to a number of messages received and have reached out to a few people I would normally catch up with while attending conventions. Yesterday I was surprised to get a FaceTime call from Anne whom I know is so very busy with family and her work as a first responder....she absolutely made my day!....In his homily last week Bishop Colli reminded us of the once used slogan "reach out and touch somebody"....that has stuck with me....I have made a much bigger effort to reach out to people, more to those who are not at my fingertips as I type an email here or there...conversations with people are vital....I sometimes get so tired of talking to myself so another voice is so welcomed. Please take the time to "reach out and touch somebody" in the next few days.

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