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Good morning from Thunder Bay on this 4th morning in August. As I look out my window there is a smokey haze which makes the sun seem dimmed. It has been like that for a few days now and causes me to pause and to pray for all those threatened by the wildfires across Canada, North America and the world. It seems a strong warning is being issued by mother nature, Creator God to change our ways which threaten mother earth in unprecedented events of recent years. I hear the term 100-year related to weather events much too often. Please offer a prayer for a change in human behaviour in response to these events and also ask Creator God to guide your mind and feet to make personal change. We all saw the change in mother earth in the early pandemic days when the world paused. The question is where can I pause daily in my personal behaviour to contribute to the healing of mother earth .. hug a tree and give thanks today ..

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