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The reality of life today - at this moment

Yesterday while I watching the prayer service led by Pope Francis I was brought to tears for so many reasons. Perhaps the most profound was seeing the Pope alone in St. Peter's Square but yet he was not alone because millions of us were gathered in prayer with him. The reality of us truly being one, holy, Catholic, family has never been sound prominent as during that service; most especially while he was raising the Blessed Sacrament to the world on the rain-drenched stairway of the Basilica. The reality of these days coming without being able to gather with my parish community is also making my heart heavy. I spent the rest of yesterday pondering how I will spend these next two weeks. I plan to pick one thing that I am very grateful for each day, say a prayer of thanksgiving, followed by the Rosary for an end to come soon to these extraordinary days. Then I make a few phone calls, chat and laugh or email and text to keep in touch. Hope you are all keeping healthy. Remember to smile and be grateful.


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