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Zoom zoom zoom .. no not Mazda

I am sneaking this blog post in with out the blog master's permission .. smiles .. she is very forgiving so I will ask for forgiveness later. Holy Spirit asked me to go on line and share my pandemic inspiration moment. Most of you will know I lost my mom in October -- smack dab in the middle of the pandemic .. it was shocking as we had been at that moment so many times and mom always fought back so when she looked me in the eye when I got to the hospital and said "You know why I can't fight anymore .. you understand right?" .. she was pleading for acceptance and I listened to her anguished pain and loneliness so long it was easy to give it. It was definitely mom's time and she knew it, she hated to leave us but she could no longer stay. I was so blessed to be able to spend the next 24 hours with her including Father Jerin's (Holy Family Church) visit with Holy Communion and Sacrament of the Sick. Mom's face shone with the light of her faith when she told Father Jerin (God is with you). Now fast forward to January 2021.. a new year but the same old pile of stay home and lock-downs. I found myself languishing until the purchase of a Catholic Christian Planner found me questioning God's plans for me and exploring why was I so down. The aha moment ... where is your service to others? what are you doing to help others? why are you so focused on your problems and not your blessings? Perhaps you are looking inward and struggling too! I am praying you will have your own aha moment in prayer to lead you forward ...

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